August 5, 2003 - Birthday!



Hip hip hooray!!  Today Wendy and I introduced Olivia Camaris Herrington into the world!  Our baby daughter weighed in at 8 lbs, 10 oz., and measured up at 20.5 inches.  Getting her into the world, however, was quite the adventure!


On Monday, August 4th, we were scheduled to go to our hospital (Ventura Community Memorial) to induce labor at 7am.  However, the hospital called us bright and early to tell us that they were slammed with patients (emergency c-sections, etc...) and to not come in until 11am.  So, we got in at 11am, all packed and ready to give birth.  However, the hospital still didn't have a room available, and asked that we wait until they got one ready...  At 1pm, we finally settled into a labor and delivery room!


In the meantime, my parents had hopped into their car and began driving from Las Vegas at 5am, setting out for Los Angeles International Airport to pickup Wendy's mom (who was flying in from Michigan and arriving at 11:30am).  They all got to the hospital right at 1pm when we just got into the delivery room.


After checking Wendy's contractions and blood pressure for about an hour, the doctors decided to not give Wendy Petocin (the very strong induction medicine), since she WAS contracting--they just weren't very strong.  Instead, they gave her Cervasil to help soften the cervix.  Once applied, it would be active for 12 hours.  The Cervasil was applied at 3pm, when Wendy was only dilated at 1cm.  Then, the waiting game began...


We waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more.  While Wendy's contractions were getting progressively stronger, she was still only at 1cm at 10pm.  Around midnight, she made it to 2cm and then at 12:30am, her water broke.  Wendy's contractions were getting much stronger at this point, and she was looking forward to getting to 3cm (which is when she was allowed to get a epidural) so she could rest.  However, she continued to remain at 2cm.  At 1am, still 2cm...  At 2am, still 2cm...  At 2:45am, still 2cm...  At about 3:30am, poor Wendy's contractions were severely painful, and she asked me to get the nurse to check her again and potentially give her an epidural even if she was still at 2cm...  When the nurse came in and checked Wendy at 3:40am, she was shocked.  Wendy was at 8cm!!!  In an hour, she dilated 6cm!!  While this was exciting news since she was now progressing quickly, it was very disappointing for Wendy, since she knew that this meant that she missed her window for an epidural (they normally will not apply an epidural after 8cm since she would be pushing soon).  Whereas Wendy was mentally focusing on just getting to 3cm so she could rest when the epidural was in, she was told that she would probably be pushing in the next 30 minutes!  Wendy's mom and I both looked at each other in amazement.


Our doctor came in at 3:50am, and once she came in, Wendy was ready to push!  By 4:10am, Wendy was completely dilated at 10cm, and it was just a matter of pushing the baby out...  After an hour of exhaustive pushing, Wendy delivered our baby at 5:07am.  It was the most amazing thing I've seen!  After cutting the umbilical cord, seeing Wendy through the delivery of the placenta, and making sure mom and baby were ready for visitors, I went to the waiting room to have my parents come take a look at their granddaughter...


For those who have been wondering, Wendy and I made up the name 'Camaris' over dinner a few nights earlier.  By taking the first letters of each of our parents' names (C for Charles, M for Mitchie, R for Robert, and S for Sharon), we filled in the consonants with vowels of our choosing and came up with Camaris.


We can't wait to tackle parenthood, and look forward to sharing more pictures of Olivia's development on our website!