May 4, 2003



Well, there's a lot going on now since our last update...  Wendy is pregnant!!  We're expecting a baby girl to come into our lives on August 1st of this year, and boy are we excited!!  Our world is changing as we speak, with trips out to dinner being replaced with jaunts to Babies R Us to buy stuff for the nursery or to update our Baby Registry!  Below are some of the ultrasound pictures (can you believe the clarity of these things now?  No more static black and white pictures that you can't tell what is where!) 


We also had a little bit of travel in April, with a week long vacation in Arizona where we met Wendy's mom and sister's family in Sedona.  I was in heaven, going on a different hike everyday...  that area is so beautiful!  We also went up to the Grand Canyon for a day, and swung by Laughlin, NV to meet my parents for a couple of days.  Mom and Dad drove down from Las Vegas, where they have recently bought a condo since Dad is now working for the Department of the Interior at, you guessed it, The Hoover Dam!!  He loves his new job there, getting to interact with tons of people everyday!  Earlier in the week, we even got to visit with The Scaramella's in Phoenix (and Ralph's new Big O Tire Store!!).  It was a whirlwind week, but it was really good to visit with everyone!


I just got back from Santiago, Chile where I participated in Pepperdine University's International Business program at their partner school, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez.  Chile is a successful example of a country that can succeed in the global economy by installing a stable, democratic government (which followed the military dictatorship of Pinochet) and using sound economic principles based on capitalism and through privatization.  Their copper, wine and salmon industries are world class, and it is expected that a free trade agreement between the US and Chile will soon be passed by Congress. 


Check out our travel pages for pictures of our recent trips!


Here SHE is!!  Baby Herrington!!  She's looking right at you, smiling and pointing!!  We sure hope she's as happy outside as she seems to be inside Wendy's belly!



Here's a side profile of Baby Herrington.  The clarity of these images is unbelievable!


And here's Baby Herrington's feet and legs!!  Those long legs surely mean that she's going to be a track star!