May 25, 2004 - Moving to Ohio!



Well, the time has come for us to move back to Cincinnati.  Both Wendy and I will be moving to Cincinnati to start new roles with P&G this July 1st.  As a result, the last few months have been very busy.  Here's the condensed version:


* Put our house up for sale.

* House sold in 1.5 days!!  Yippee!!  And for over asking!

* Had a househunting trip in Cincinnati where we bought a house in Ivy Hills in Anderson Township!!

* New house is 3,000sf with an unfinished basement and over 5 acres overlooking a valley.

* We are now trying to finalize the schedule for the packers and movers.

* We will close on our current house on June 23rd.

* I will fly to Cincinnati on June 29th to close on the new house on June 30th.

* Our new address will be 3198 Killington Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45244

* Look for pictures of the house to come sometime in July!!

* Also, Olivia will soon be 10 months!!  She's crawling everywhere and is standing up.  Hasn't taken more than one step though...  She's eating regular foods now, and always seems to be happy with a big smile on her face.  She's looking forward to moving to Cincinnati as well!