(September 2004)



In September 2004, Wendy and I drove down to West Virginia where we met up with her sister, brother and 30 other folks from Michigan to go whitewater rafting down the Gauley River for the 2nd time (we also went in 2002).  The Gauley River has some of the premier whitewater rafting runs in the US, with five Class V rapids, and 3 Class IV rapids.  It was great fun...  Here's some great shots of us at Pillow Rock, the second Class V (and spot where Wendy got to go for an unexpected swim!!).



1 - Descending towards Pillow Rock

2 - Whitewater everywhere

3 - Wow!  Look at this huge wave coming at us!!

4 - Sploosh

5 - Heading to the right of Pillow Rock...

6 - Only 2 folks could slap Pillow Rock, the rest had other things on their mind...

7 - Like "how are we going to miss that big rock straight ahead?"

8 - Well, we survived Pillow Rock, but still... what about that rock up there?!?

9 - Tim, our guide in the back, is thinking "Oh oh...  we're not going to make it to the left of this big rock ahead"  (see the rock at the lower right?)

10 - Crunch!!

11 - Wendy!!!  I'll grab your foot!!!

12 - Chuck wiffs on Wendy's foot, while Patrick gets a wedgy from Kelly to keep him in the boat!

13 - Wendy, we'll meet you at the bottom of the rapid...